QBI receives $2M from CEC for biofuel production facility.

The California Energy Commission supports California-based biofuel production facilities that can sustainably produce low carbon transportation fuels through their release of a grant solicitation entitled “Pilot-Scale and Commercial-Scale Advanced Biofuels Production Facilities” under the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.  ARFVTP is a competitive grant program that aims at helping California meet its energy, clean air and climate change goals. 

QBI has received $2M through this program to develop a biofuels production facility at the Fiscalini Dairy in Modesto, CA.  The facility will purify the biogas from the on-site digesters to pure biomethane, compress this for vehicle use, and feed the carbon dioxide that is removed from the biogas to algae ponds.  Algae biomass will be used on site as an animal feed.  The goal of the project is to make 500 DGE of CNG per day and to demonstrate that algae can serve as a nutrient-rich feed for dairy cows.