Partners and Funding

We are fortunate to have partnered with several agencies that have provided generous support for our development of DynOMICS and related sensor technology.  We are always on the lookout for future partnerships with like-minded organizations, so please contact us below for information about our current projects and opportunities.


We worked closely with the Van Ommering Dairy in Lakeside, CA for several years to develop a sustainable solution to their wastewater treatment needs.  We designed an algae-based water treatment system.  For more information about the system we developed with the Van Ommerings, check out our project page.

Van Ommering Overview

Using technology we developed and deployed at the Van Ommering Dairy, we have recently begun a partnership with the Fiscalini Dairy in Modesto, CA. Using onsite, pre-established anaerobic digesters, we are converting the captured raw methane into renewable natural gas. For more information about the Fiscalini Dairy and its renewable natural gas operation, please check out the project page.


We have received generous support from the following agencies:

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