We are fortunate to have worked with many agencies that have provided generous support for our technology development.  We are always looking for new opportunities, so please contact us for information about our current and future projects.


We worked closely with the Van Ommering Dairy in Lakeside, CA for several years to develop a sustainable solution to their wastewater treatment needs.  We designed an algae-based water treatment system to integrate with the farm’s existing infrastructure, pictured below.  For more information about the system we developed with the Van Ommerings, check out our project page.

Van Ommering Overview

Building off of the technology demonstrated at the Van Ommering Dairy, we have formed a new partnership with the Fiscalini Dairy in Modesto, CA., where we are expanding both the scale and scope of the waste-to-algae operation. Using existing anaerobic digesters, we are splitting the raw biogas into purified biomethane, to be used as a vehicle fuel, and carbon dioxide, to boost algae biomass feed generation. For more information about the Fiscalini Dairy and its renewable natural gas operation, please check out the project page.

Small ponds.JPG


We have received generous support from the following agencies:

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