Remote-Lab & Biotech Research

Combining the quantitative insight provided by DynOMICS and the power of cloud computing, QBiSci has created Remote-Lab, a platform that allows biotech companies, universities and other institutions from around the globe to conduct novel experimentation from behind their personal computer. 


Biotech Research

Today, institutions conducting research in biology, living systems, bioengineering and other fields are hamstrung by the equipment available to them. Budget concerns often prevent the acquisition of necessary cutting edge technology. Remote-Lab solves this problem by allowing these institutions to conduct their experimentation remotely without having to justify costly capital expenditures for new equipment. 


Remote-Lab allows institutions to deliver variables of interest (e.g. cells, strains, microorganisms) to the QBiSci facility. From there, the cells are loaded into the DynOMICS PDMS chip and placed inside the optics device. The chip is then subjected to exposure to an input source of fluid. Remote-Lab, in conjunction with DynOMICS, quantifies the dynamic response of these cells and delivers the results of exposure to the remote user in real time. 

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User Connectivity and Customizability

Remote-Lab allows users to view experimentation in real time via online connectivity with the QBiSci facility. Remote-Lab differentiates itself from other online-connective technologies by allowing users to change and tailor their experiment from afar.