Heavy Metals 

The DynOMICS technology can be used to tailor customized sensors that can evaluate the presence of heavy metals within a water supply, input stream, or other avenue.  

Specific Results

Currently, other comparable sensors on the market tend to generate results that indicate general toxicity without specifying what the toxic component is. QBiSci's heavy metal sensors can indicate general toxicity while determining the presence and concentration of a suite of heavy metals of interest (e.g lead, copper).


Low Impact

QBiSci sensors use microfluidic chips coupled with custom optics to deliver a low-impact modules. These modules can be installed in-line with almost any operation, minimizing their spatial footprint. 


Real Time Results

QBiSci's heavy metal sensors have the capability of delivering monitoring results in real time. Moreover, in conjunction with online connectivity, the results can be delivered remotely to users away from the monitoring site.