We use synthetic biology to develop customized living sensors for the continuous monitoring of water. Our platform provides real-time, quantitative information about water quality for long time periods with minimal oversight. 

Customized Biosensor Strains


Our current sensing capabilities include biosensor strains specific to arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphorus, and other common contaminants. Using our synthetic biology expertise, we can engineer new strains for almost any application from environmental contamination to process optimization.

Benefits of our approach: Our sensors provide continuous, quantitative data regarding the contents of an input of interest. A single microfluidic cartridge can house hundreds of sensor strains, enabling a user to replace a suite of kits and probes with a single, low maintenance device. However, the greatest benefit to our platform is the expandability: we use innovative approaches, grounded in our understanding of biological networks, to engineering new sensor strains. Once they have been, constructed these strains can be integrated into our platform for no additional cost.

Partner with us: We are eager to hear from end-users with unique and unmet sensing needs. Using our molecular biology toolkit, we can build new strains for almost any application from monitoring water for toxic contaminants to optimizing processes such as fermentation or anaerobic digestion. We are working with a broad range of industries, including water quality enforcers, brewers, and wastewater treatment facilities to improve sensing and optimize the performance of a diverse set of operations. Contact us with your sensing requirements, and we will work with you to develop a novel biosensor.