CloudLab & Biotech Research

Combining the quantitative insight provided by QBI's high-throughput microfluidic platform and the power of cloud computing, QBI has created CloudLab. The CloudLab platform allows biotech companies, universities and other research institutions from around the globe to conduct novel experimentation from behind their personal computer. 


The CloudLab Platform

CloudLab allows users to use QBI's E. coli and yeast strain libraries for various types of experimentation using our high-throughput microfluidic platform. Cloudlab quantifies the dynamic response of these cells and delivers the results of exposure to the remote user in real time. QBI can also provide robust statistical analysis of experimentation to increase the utility of the results, delivering the results via CloudLab. QBI's analytical services can augment the usefulness of experimental data by revealing unseen trends, correlations, and aggregated responses that are not readily apparent from raw data. 

User Connectivity and Customizability

CloudLab allows users to view experimentation in real time via online connectivity with the QBI facility. The platform differentiates itself from other competing technologies by offering multi-day experimentation, user strain selection, planned induction(s), and user-selected media. Users are then able to use the CloudLab web-based interface to view the results of their experiment in real time and to make adjustments as needed. 

Pricing of experimental Services for Beta Testers

Our base price allows you to select 48 strains and up to 10 inducers, control your own experiment from your own computer, and watch the results come through in real time.  Please contact for `omics scale pricing.

Pricing Table.png

An Emerging Platform

We are currently looking for Beta users to help us test and refine the CloudLab platform. If you're interested in seeing if CloudLab can work for your company or institution, please visit the CloudLab website or reach out to us at