We have developed an automated research platform that can monitor the behavior of thousands of strains as they respond to complex, dynamic environments. Data can be accessed, manipulated, and plotted remotely, using our customized suite of image analysis tools.


The CloudLab Platform

CloudLab allows researchers to probe and observe tens to thousands of E. coli and yeast strains simultaneously using our high-throughput microfluidic platform. Cloudlab records the dynamic responses of these cells and delivers the data to the remote user in real time. QBI can also provide robust statistical analysis of experimentation to increase the impact of the data, delivering the results via a user-friendly suite of computational tools. QBI's analytical services can enhance the utility of each experiment by revealing unseen trends, correlations, and aggregated responses that are not easily observed in the raw data. 


User Connectivity and Customizability

CloudLab allows users to view experimentation in real time via online connectivity with the QBI facility. The platform differentiates itself from other competing technologies by offering multi-day experimentation, user strain selection, planned induction(s), and user-selected media. Users are then able to use the CloudLab web-based interface to view the results of their experiment in real time and to make adjustments as needed.

Work with us: There is no longer a need for an expensive laboratory. Send us your strains or use ours, and leave the experimental setup and operation to us. Control the dynamic environment and induce your strains remotely, and watch your data in real time. Contact us to learn about generating high-throughput data from the comfort of your office.